One-Day Travel Essentials

A one-day trip can be both daunting and stressful. Flying back and forth the same day is definitely not an easy task. But if planned well, trust me it’s not that bad.

Now, if you are travelling solo and returning the very same day, you don’t really need a lot of stuff, but at the same time you just can’t miss the essentials.

Firstly, the most important thing is to make comfort your top priority. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes and carry a light luggage.

Secondly, make a list of what to you want to do and where you want to go beforehand so that you don’t waste any time while you are there and this way you can manage to have an enjoyable and a memorable trip.

Finally, always be ready for some unscheduled events like flight delays or such. I always make sure that I have an awesome playlist, few good movies, a good book or a magazine on my iPad, therefore I am hardly bored. Oh and how can I forget, some snacks too..always in my bag!! 

Well here are some of the travel essentials that you need to carry for that one-day trip.


  • choose between a comfortable large tote or a backpack
  • have your travel documents, wallet, cash and credit card
    • do include a pen and one or two empty sheets of paper
  • fully charged phone
    • carry a charger along
    • make sure you have downloaded google maps on your iPhone or iPad
    • earphones
  • portable charger
    • I can’t stress on how much this is important. The last thing you need is for your phone’s battery to be low by the end of the day or when you need it the most. You just want to avoid that situation at any cost. Buy one immediately if you still haven’t.
  • iPad
    • what’s on the iPad?
      • a good playlist
      • magazines or books
      • movies or videos
      • games
  • chewing gum
  • snacks

Fashion and Beauty essentials:

  • clear makeup bag
    • so that you don’t have to dig for any makeup items in the purse.
  • lip-balm
  • lipstick
  • compact powder
  • mini hand sanitizer
  • tissues
  • hair ties
  • sunglasses
  • face wipes
  • scarf
  • brush

Apart from the essentials there are also a few items that you can take along or skip.

Secondary Items:

  • umbrella
    • depending upon the weather, carry a compact 5-fold sized umbrella
  • camera
    • I always like to travel with a compact digi-cam, but if you prefer photos on your phone then skip this.
  • an extra pair of top
  • if required carry a pair of flats
  • pair of socks to keep you warm on the flight

These are the stuff that I find absolutely necessary while travelling. 


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