A Look Inside – COLLAGE SHOP – Designer Clothing in Bangalore

It’s hard to believe that Collage Shop India has been in Bangalore for over 10 years now. Having started off with clothing by different designers they moved on to home after 8 years.

Collage Shop is a curated store of garments, accessories, shoes, jewelry and home accessories.

I had the opportunity to chat with the owner of the store, Bangalore’s very own Priya Vasu and talk to her about her store and her journey over these last 10 years.

Having no background in business or retail, she tells me that it’s all been about the exposure, the experience that she’s gained over the years and of course an interest in having a shop. So was that her main idea of starting a shop? “No it just happened. One day I just said I need to do something and this is what happened” she says.

Having a store is definitely not easy. There are a lot of challenges to it! “Sometimes you might love a collection, you think it would sell and it may bomb. You just move on” says Priya.

There are always ups and downs in retail. It’s never paradise or is it only gloomy. It’s always a risk in a creative field, you do not know if something is going to work or not. “Eventually its the customers who decide and it’s just not the hard work that you put in. Everybody works hard, that’s no longer a reason for you to feel anything special about yourself. No ones putting a gun to your head. If you gotta do it, you gotta do it” she says.

Also she tells me that merchandising correctly in Bangalore is a big challenge. “Bangalore being a very young city, the requirements are vast. Today people are well-informed and know exactly what they want. Earlier the clients were not so exposed until they took the effort of travelling and knowing everything. Today everything is available with a click of a button. So being ready for a well exposed client is a real challenge”.

For a retail business owner, each day is different “Even after 10 years I’m faced with an entirely different problem that I never anticipated” she says.

As you walk into the store, it might look beautiful; but a lot has gone behind making it so. She says that she was very naïve when she started off. She hired and trusted an architect who had no clue and she hated what he did. “He didn’t even know how to design a rack. When we put a hanger it wouldn’t even go in”. She tells me that If the store looks a certain way its more so because of the products. She has had designers who have come up to her and told her that it’s just not up to the mark. And its only been through her sheer hard work that she has made it prettier. Today she knows exactly what she wants. She adds “I spent so much money in the beginning that I could not do anything but live with it! I think that was the most painful part of having a good vision but the vision not translating and today when people say that it’s such a beautiful store they have no clue what my journey has been. This store has been extensively renovated in bits and pieces. Even yesterday I changed the lights. So constantly my efforts have gone into making the store better”.

Her proudest moment so far? “Just the fact that every day I come to work. In retail, each day that you clock is an achievement” she says.

For her, a woman who understands her body, who knows what looks good on her is fashionable. “Collage is about that and we help people find it” she says.

Collage Shop features clothing from designers like Poonam Bhagat, Divyam Mehta, Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani and more.

The store is located at 21/1, Wood Street, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025.

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