Look effortlessly stylish while working out

Whether you love dancing, going to the gym, taking that soul cycle class, doing yoga, pilates or just running in the park, a good workout outfit will definitely keep you in your elements and keep you motivated.

Its time to upgrade your daily active wear and effortlessly glam up your everyday workout. All you need is to make some minor changes. Just small details (like maybe a hint of neon color or something) can make a lot of difference.


When it comes to tops, try layering up your look. Tank tops are usually very comfortable while working out. Instead of going for a plain one, try printed, patterned and graphic tops. Cover up with a light fleece jacket, a zip up hoodie or a colorful sweatshirt. Do make sure there is a zip pocket in the jacket or in your pants so that your keys etc. don’t fall off especially when you are outdoors.


Its time to dump those boring old sweatpants and leggings and try something more trendy. Mesh leggings look totally hot this season, also try patterned or printed leggings that look equally smart.

You can find some of the best leggings at Lululemon, Sweaty betty and Nike. For something a little light on the budget there are great options from stores like forever 21 and H&M.


Choosing a proper footwear is crucial. There are so many options when it comes to shoes. Select one that’s most comfortable. You have shoes that caters to different needs like running, training etc. Nike is an all-time favorite and has an amazing collection. Asics and New balance also have some pretty great ones. The best thing about these brands is that they come in a wide range of colors, looks super stylish and are totally worth the money you pay.


Accessorize with some cute hair ties to keep your hair away from your face. You can try braiding your hair or tie it up for a super cute look.

Make sure that whatever you wear, comfort should be the key while working out. Opt for lightweight and breathable clothes that fit well.

Look for inspirations from your favorite celebs online or on Pinterest. A lot of celebs look super stylish in active wear.

So make sure that you transform your boring workout wear and sweat in style.

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