Interview With Make-Up Artist Sabrina Suhail


Meet Bangalore’s very own makeup-artist Sabrina Suhail. Her portfolio ranges from Bridal make-up to editorials.

She feels that techniques in makeup are most important. She finds that the magic is in the hands of the artist and not in the products you use.

 She has worked on some well-known faces from the film industry like Shabana Azmi, Kalki Koechlin and Yami Gautam.

Here’s an exclusive interview with Sabrina

You seem to do a lot of Bridal Makeup. Give some tips and advice on bridal do’s and don’ts? 

Do – start an exercise routine and a non-spicy, hydrating diet at least 6 months prior to the wedding. By doing this the blood circulation improves in the body and that helps the skin clear up and glow. Also, toning up the body will make you feel great on your day.

Don’t – do anything your body and skin is not used to before the wedding, it comes as a shock and the first thing is that the skin will react and break out (e.g.: Facials).

How often do you clean your makeup tools? And how important is it to keep the makeup tools clean and not use products past their expiry date?

I clean my makeup and makeup tools after every client. As soon as you introduce product onto your makeup brush and then to your skin, the brush or the sponge will pick up dead skin cells and then re-introduce it into your makeup causing bacteria formation, which is why also, it is very unhygienic to share makeup!

Using products past its expiry date can cause allergic reactions. The products have certain number of chemicals present in them and these chemicals have a shelf life. Once past, they tend to start reacting with each other and then intern react on the skin.

If you could just pick one unique product, what would that be and why?

Benefit Bad girl lash mascara! Lashes open up the eyes and eyes are the window to the soul.

One trend that anybody can achieve without any professional’s help?

Indians rock at Kajal. A little modification is all you need. Take an eyeshadow on a flat brush and smudge the outer ends of the eye to make the kajal look more smokey and sexier!

How important is it to prep the skin before applying makeup? How should different skin types prep their skin?

It’s important to have a healthy skin routine every day. Prepping the skin before makeup is important with the correct products. e.g., if you have oily skin, use an oil-free moisturizer and use a primer before applying foundation.

Your no.1 makeup trick?

Eye lash extensions and lash tinting. Your lashes are already tinted and permed and brows already groomed, it’s most important in makeup – finished lashes and brows.

Favorite fall-winter 2016 trend?

Artistic eyeliner paired with excellent skin.

What trend do you want to see more and what to just stop?

I want to see more of structured brows. I’m done with the strong lip look for the season!

And finally, 3 makeup items a girl shouldn’t be without?

Tinted lip balm, mascara and blush.

She conducts makeup workshops in Bangalore frequently, to share her knowledge with everyone. As she states “what is knowledge if you don’t have someone to share it with!”.

You can contact her on her Facebook page.


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  • Anila Abraham November 10, 2016 at 5:54 am

    Thank you Sabi, for your simple tips and simple attitude.


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