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Meet Shalini Chopra, the girl originally from Delhi who is now based in Bangalore. Having started blogging in 2011, her blog Stylish by Nature has been an inspiration to many. Read on to know more about her.

Shalini Chopra

How do you describe your personal style?

My personal style is eclectic. I like to experiment a lot and I love fashion trends. So I try to incorporate them in whatever I wear depending on my body type and my comfort level. I also like styling one particular outfit in different ways. People think that you have such a huge wardrobe but then it’s basically re-styling which helps to create new looks. So even though you are on a budget, you can still experiment with fashion and create new looks everyday.

Have you had to face any challenges in your blogging period?

The main challenge which puts me off is plagiarism. People copy the content or they copy a picture and they don’t credit.

Where do you find inspiration for your looks?

It can come from anywhere. It may be on the streets, fashion magazines, Bollywood, Hollywood or it can be from other stylish people. So anytime I see anything good, I register it and then I work on it. I’m like a sponge who keeps on absorbing things.

Stylish by Nature

Any style tips that you’ve learnt over the years that you want to give the readers?

The first thing what I have learnt is that you have to be very comfortable and confident in whatever you are wearing. Other than that always keep in mind your body type while dressing up. That’ll make life easier for any girl because you can adopt any fashion trends without a problem. You just have to twist and tweak it a bit as per your body type and it works.

Must have pieces in your wardrobe?

A basic crisp white shirt, a well fitted denim, few tank tops and a flared skirt and then you can mix and match these outfits.

Tips for other bloggers?

The one tip which I want to share is to be yourself. Blogging is a platform where everybody has the freedom to write and to express what they want. So you have the entire freedom to be yourself. If you still copy others or if you still try to fake, readers will see into it. They want to connect with you for what you are and if you are genuine and if you are real then people will love you. So my most important tip which people tend to forget in their journey is that you have to be yourself and it’s your personal platform. Just give your heart and soul to it, and enjoy it.

Stylish by Nature

Other than blogging what else are you passionate about?

Fitness. If you’ll not find me elsewhere you’ll find me in the gym. I can’t stay sane without going to the gym. These are the two things which always keeps me occupied. If I don’t start my day with at least one hour of workout, I feel so lethargic. That one hour of workout makes me stress free, gives me energy, keeps me ready and joyful the entire day.

Have you ever got negative feedback for the work that you’ve done and if you do then how do you react to it?

Of late there has been so much negativity coming in to this place  and even though you are doing your best, you are working towards your goals and you are focused, still that negativity comes in your life one way or the other. Be it in terms of your colleagues or in terms of your readers. Because it’s a public platform and everybody has their own opinion. It initially disturbed me a lot. So if it is a negative criticism you work on it, you improve on it, and that’s kind of constructive but then if it is coming out of sheer jealousy, use that as a tool to convert that negativity into positivity for you. That’s what I have learnt.

Do you follow any blogs yourself?

I follow a lot of blogs and I appreciate a lot of fellow bloggers, domestic as well as international. These are the people who can inspire you and you can be an inspiration for them. So it’s a very healthy way of connecting with people and it’s a kind of community which exchanges vision on so many different topics and so many different things.

Stylish by Nature

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