Farah Khan Ali’s Collection Showcase At ffolio, Bangalore

Farah Khan Ali at ffolio

Farah Khan Ali  showcasing her collection at ffolio

Mumbai based renowned jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali was in Bangalore this week to showcase her new festive collection at ffolio. I caught up with her for a quick chat about her collection.

How does it feel to showcase your collection in Bangalore?

It’s always a pleasure being in Bangalore. I always feel great to come here and showcase my collection because Bangalore has this eclectic mix of wonderful people who have great taste, great sense of style and my show has been an amazing success. So I’m grateful to God and I am humbled by the love and appreciation that everyone showed me in Bangalore and for the love and taste for my jewellery, so I feel great.

What is your new collection about?

We brought stuff that is very reasonably priced, very beautiful pieces of jewellery that begun from Rs. 15,000 upwards, lot of trinkets and everyday wear to a lot of formal jewellery that were show-stoppers. Overall, the collection had a lot of colour, because that’s what I’m good at. We had rubies, emeralds, tanzanite, rubellite, citrine, amethysts, it was a palette of wonderful colours splashed with diamonds. The jewellery not only looked beautiful but the feedback we got was that our finishing is excellent and the functionality of jewellery was very easy to wear. Overall that’s what it’s all about, the design is just not the way it looks but the way it feels and the way it works.

From your collection it can be seen that you love working with colours and gemstones.

Colours bring life. I’m a very lively person, I’m adventurous and I like to explore, so for me when I mix and match with colours, when I play with gemstones, it’s like creating a moment, like capturing a moment in time in a three-dimension piece of beauty that is going to outlive its wearer and go down generations and become immortal. So for me colour brings personality to the jewellery, colour is something that gives you a mood and lifts your spirits. So I love colour and that’s what I’m good at doing.

What’s your personal style like?

I like to mix and match because I believe that style should be individual. If you are going to wear a long pair of earrings, just wear something on your hand, don’t team it with a necklace, its unnecessary, or if you are wearing a necklace, wear a ring or a bracelet, you don’t have to wear earrings. Personally I love emeralds, I’m beginning to fall in love with tanzanite as well and I love anything that is bold, striking, beautiful and eye-catching. That’s my personal style.

Do you have any favourite designers that you look up to?

I love Cartier; I love Bvlgari for their splash of colours and their forms; I also like Van Cleef & Arpels because they really experiment with their jewellery especially the moving from their mystery settings to their fun lively settings. I like jewellery that is alive, playful, that makes a style statement and makes heads turn. For me that is jewellery, it should be something that people don’t stop staring at and want to possess.

What inspires you?

My life inspires me, my travels inspire me, my children inspire me, my family inspires me. I think it’s my joie de vivre, my attitude to life that inspires me because I try to look for something great in every opportunity that I have. I try to make the most of what I have and my travels contribute a lot to my inspiration. I think my next collection is going to be inspired by Brazil because I just got back from the Amazon and there was so much colour and it was so breathtakingly beautiful.

What’s the latest trend in jewellery?

I see a lot of unique pieces in jewellery. I see that people are willing to experiment. People are shying away from the boring conservative styles because at the end of the day they want jewellery that stands out. There’s a lot of competition going on, people are aware of designs. You are no longer dependent on your family jeweller.  You know what’s happening in the world, so you want more and because you want more it’s become more adventurous, more challenging and more exiting because you actually want to go out there and create something special. You don’t want to do run off the mill anymore.

Do you have any tips for upcoming jewellery designers?

I would tell them, do not think in a box. Let your imaginations fly. Just be adventurous, take risks and see the magic unfold.

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