Denim on Denim – Get the Look Right!

Double Denim has been around for a while and it’s making waves again. Spotted quite strongly not only as a street style, you can also find many celebs sporting this trend.

It may look difficult to pull off, but not really. The fundamental thing here is balance. For that casual yet comfortable look, this is perfect! Just make sure that you mix shades of denim together.

Do follow some guidelines while you put together that denim on denim outfit!

  • Look for shades that flatter you. Make sure that the fit is good and you can carry off the look. A lighter coloured shirt with darker jeans is the best bet.
  • A buttoned up denim shirt and jeans can never go wrong. Pair it with statement heels for that sleek and sophisticated look. You can also accessorize the denim shirt by layering some delicate jewellery.
  • If you want to play safe, go in for a classy white shirt with those jeans and put on a blue washed denim jacket. If the colour of your jeans and jacket is the same, try teaming up different coloured tops. Black, white and stripes look the best.
  • A cute off-shoulder denim top is perfect for this season. It looks fabulous with black jeans or with white jeans as well. Again a colourful statement pointy heels looks absolutely perfect for this look.
  • If you want to try something fancier, you can opt for jackets that have some embellishments, embroidery, patches or pins.
  • When bottoms are considered, there’s a wide variety to choose from. You can experiment with high waist, low waist, ripped, skinny jeans, dungarees, shorts and even denim skirts. Dungarees with white sneakers looks very casual and stylish.
  • If you are still unsure with this trend, black skinny jeans is the way to go. Dark denim give you that slimming effect and you can style them effortlessly.
  • You can also accessorize a denim on denim outfit with some slim belts, trendy bags and cool sunglasses.
  • Make sure to keep your makeup minimal and simple. For that evening look, you can put on some bright coloured lipstick in red or orange.

It’s never too late for double denim. If you still haven’t, now is the time to incorporate that denim in your wardrobe.


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